The tourism students lived and worked in the partner hotel during the internship . Depending on how good  their German language skills, the trainees worked in the service or housekeeping. Many could also work on the reception or at least experience it. Many of the interns were amazed and pleasantly surprised that they met in almost every German hotel other Czech employees, who offered them help and advice. 

Memories from the internship

Carolina Netáhlová:

"I was in Hotel Birkenhof in Grafenwiesen, and was very happy. Everyone was very nice, courteous and helpful. I have tried something completely different  here, which I did not have in my Czech internship.It  is a wonderful experience... to work in such a large hotel abroad. "   


Romana Lusková, tourism:

"I saw the restaurant in practice and improved my German language skills."


 Julia Bivolaru, tourism:

"I would go back!"


Barbora Mariánusová, tourism:

 "Even German employees tried to understand Czech."

 " I have learned about how people work elsewhere and which systems can be found here. I made new friends among the German and Czech people and I want keep in contact in the future. "